Taking Dental Photos

Taking Photos of your teeth and forwarding them to our dentists to comment is a very good way for us to provide a better recommendation on what dental procedures are suggested.

We appreciate that getting clear pictures is not easy, but having a front view, with your lips retracted by your fingers and a top and bottom photo will assist.


When obtaining photos, please consider the following:

  • The photographs should clearly show your teeth as per the examples below.
  • Photographs must be recent and certainly not more than 1 month old.
  • Photographs should be clear, and in focus. Those taken with a digital camera of more than 2 mega pixels are best.
  • You can upload your photos directly using the registration form.

Some procedures also require an OPG x-ray which is a panoramic or wide view of the lower face, including all teeth. Providing an OPG x-ray during the registration process for those procedures where it is recommended will assist the dentist in making your specific treatment plan.

If you require additional information, please send an email to info@dental-phuket.com or use the contact page.