Firstly I would thank you for your courtesy in arranging for my dental procedure to be handled with dispatch and efficiency this morning. Secondly (and as a very difficult, demanding and pain-sensitive patient) I would wish to offer my sincere thanks and compliments to Dr. Boonyanat and Umaporn and to anaesthetic nurse Khun Vanida. These charming ladies demonstrated, in the face of a serious lack of calm acceptance on my part, quite remarkable patience, professionalism and, last but not least, good humour in accomplishing their task as expeditiously and as painlessly as possible. Perhaps you would be kind enough to pass my thanks to them and to express my view that they do great credit to your hospital. In the case of Dr. Boonyanat I shall also be most grateful if you would explain that my remark about her apparent youth should be considered solely as a compliment and in no way as a reflection on her manifest skill and experience. Even after almost 25 years in Thailand I still and always significantly underestimate the age of Thai ladies.

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